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Former Member
Jun 19, 2009 at 04:13 AM

Custom copy of TS12300097 not working


Dear Experts,

I have created a copy of standard task TS12300097. I have incorporated this custom copy in SWFVISU also with the desired standard settings same as TS12300097. In the custom copy task, Basic data tab we have workitem text "&_WI_OBJECT_ID.OWNER.NAME&'s Leave Request" In this the value is not coming it is blank. The approver gets the workitem but the text is " 's Leave Request", the owner name is not showing up. I checked the container it has the value but it is not getting transferred to the custom task.

When I use the standard task TS12300097 the data is coming correctly. But with custom copy of it it is not showing the value. Do I need to do something else for custom copy of standard task ?

Kindly suggest.


Vaibhav Patil.