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Jun 18, 2009 at 09:24 PM

Innaccuracy of the Mgmt View-Role Analysis Role with Violations count?


Hi All,

We're currently using CC 5.2 and are having problems with the analysis that is presented in Management Vew (Role Analysis).

We have identified that the role violations count in the Management View (Role Analysis) does not equal to that of the Management View (Role Analysis) reports (reports provided in management view obtained through chart links or legend links e.g. High, Medium, Low). In order to further validate the management view reports, we created background jobs and analyzed the number of roles identified with violations. Both the background job and the reports provided through the management view identify the same number of roles that have violations. However, the management view screen reports a different number.

For the past 2 weeks, we have been monitoring the system and have determined (by running background jobs for Role Analysis) that the number of roles with violations have stayed at a constant static number. In addition, the management view reports have also reported the same constant static number of role violations (which equals the background jobs). However, during the past 2 weeks, the management view screen "Roles with Violations" counts have increased several times.


1) Management view screens are updated every week at the same time User / Role / Profle Synchronization and Batch Risk Analysis incremental syncs are scheduled.

2) Currently on patch 9

3) No mitigation is currently applied to any roles