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Jun 18, 2009 at 08:46 PM

Message processing time



We are currently using solution manager (just starting to), to be more specific we are using the service desk function.

I've read quite a few messages and understand that I need to set up a few things (hierarchies, products, service contracts, etc..) in order to be able to calculate things like initial response time, etc...

My question is the following though:

I get a support request message (SLFN message) created by a customer. The priority of the call is priority 3 and contractually I have 4 days to fix the issue.

The message is logged on DAY 1 so I must give a solution at the latest on DAY 5.

I pick up the call on DAY 1 and do an initial analysis of the call (say 10 minutes) and come to the conclusion that the message description does not contain enough detail to get me going on it. So I return the message to the customer (still on DAY 1) asking him for further information.

The customer respond to my request on DAY 6 we the information I need. Now DAY 6 is gone past the date the call should have been closed.

My questions are, can Solution Manager

- report on the fact that I have worked 10 minutes on the call

- report on the fact that the customer kept the message for so long and hence I cannot be deemed to have not respected the SLA agreed time

Thanks for your thoughts/inputs.