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Nov 15, 2016 at 07:16 AM

Message type WMMBXY for outbound in update task


Hi guys,

I've created own process code for message type WMMBXY, successfully triggered outbound IDoc generation with own Z-function module using NAST-interface and vendor profile in WE20. So far everything is just fine. The only thing I'm not sure is:

- generation is made in update process.

- I'm trying to retrieve GI/GM data using "old-fashioned" SELECT from MKPF/MSEG - in my FM I have access only to NAST-OBJKY - means material document number and year. There is nothing is in the stack too.

Question 1:

How can I be sure the data is already written to the DB? Or is it retrieved from buffers - after all, this is the same V-process within which the data is prepared to be saved to DB?

In our development environment everything works just fine, but I have some doubts it will behave improperly in a production.

Question 2:

Or should I go for another approach to retrieve data for GI/GM in update task?

Question 3:

Should I worry at all :-) ?

Would be highly appreciated to get valuable answers.

Thanks, guys.