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Jun 18, 2009 at 03:00 PM

Currency tranlation in case of Multiple group currency


From SAP help:

You want to report in two currencies on the subgroup level: You disclose the subgroup result in the first group currency while reporting the subgroup result to corporate headquarters in their group currency

My scenario:

I have subgroups B,C and top consolidation group as A

Subgroups B, C consolidate in EUR and Group A in USD.


When i want to run my consolidation for sub groups -

All i have to do is go and change the group currency in my Permanent parameters.

Is this correct?

Also - can i use a copy function in this case (i.e. without creating any versions)?

(System does not allow me to specify a source and target grp currency without specifying the source and target versions)


If I want to achieve this by multiple versions

I configure -3 consolidation versions - 001, 002 n 003

Make consolidation unit hierarchy as version dependent (define and assign Spl versions)

In my versions 002, 003 i maintain only the consolidation subgroups B n C respectively.

Create a Copy function which involves-

Three Copy methods X, Y n Z;

One copy Task with method assignment dependent on Company

Assign methods accordingly to each company.

Is this the correct way to do it or is there an alternative through special versions definition for Copy?

Do i have to worry about anything else?

Thanks in Advance!