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Former Member
Jun 18, 2009 at 11:13 AM

Excise invoice for invoice correction


We are using invoice correction for creating supplementary invoice (additional invoice sent to customer).

It works fine till the debit memo is created.

Now i would like to create an excise invoice for this additional invoice.

a) It doesnt allow me to use J1IIN

b) Using J1IH - other adjustments, I am able to credit the CENVAT accounts and debit the clearing account - I can change the debit account to suspense account. But I am not able to credit the ED payable accounts (like it happens during J1IIN)

Using J1IH would imply immediate utilization, since the CENVAT accounts are credited.

I would like to credit a separate set of accounts (ED payable), to be adjusted during monthly utilization.

What should be the correct procedure for this scenario?

Thanks for the help!