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Jun 18, 2009 at 10:40 AM

PF Contribution - Proration


This is related to India Payroll PF Calculation.

Here PF Basis = Basic Pay & Eligible Pay = Rs 6500/-.

Eligible pay or PF basis, whichever is less, standard system

considers that as the PF contribution.

For Ex:

If Basic Pay <= Rs 6500, PF wud be 12% of actual Basic

If Basic Pay > Rs 6500, PF wud be 12% Rs 6500

This is working fine in the standard system.

Current Requirement is:

When there is a loss of pay for an emp, the Basic is prorated

accordingly. But the twist in the story is The Eligible Pay also

needs to be prorated. And then, the lesser of the prorated basic

& prorated eligible pay is to be considered for the PF


For Ex:

An emp with basic pay of Rs8000, has 3 day's loss of pay in a

month. The prorated basic becomes Rs7200 for that month

deducting 8000*3/30 as loss of pay from basic pay, which is

still higher than the eligible pay. In such a scenario, the

system should not calulate PF based on the eligible pay of

Rs6500. Instead it has to prorate the eligible pay accordingly

and then consider the lesser of prorated basic and prorated

eligible pay for PF calc. i.e;

Prorated eligible pay = Rs5850 [deducting 6500*3/30 as loss of

pay from eligible pay]

How to prorate this Eligible Pay ?