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Jun 18, 2009 at 09:16 AM

User Exit Program works Differently


I'm trying to sync user info from HCM system to a destination system. There is a limitation in SAP HCM system, which allows only full load and not incrememental load or sync up based on events(New Joinee, Position change, Employee Exit) to happen from source to destination. So, I thought User exit could fix this issue.

When a person inserts or changes or changes the status of an employee to quit through PA30 and saves it, the user exit program should pass the personnel number (numbers) of the user(s) as input to the report RPLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM.

I am trying to trigger a report(RPLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM) which exports the data from HCM to a destination system(IDM) with the help of a user exit program. Using PA30 when I change the user info and when I save it, through User exit program I'm passing the personnel number of the user(whose data has been changed) as an input to the report, which inturn will replicate the change to the destination.


User Exit works differently here. After configuring User exit for this tcode(PA30), once I change a user's info and click save, without saving the data, it triggers the User exit program. Usaully while chanign user info, when I click 'SAVE', i get a message 'Recod changed', but now after sonfiguring User Exit program, since the program runs immediately as soon as i click SAVE, I see the following message' Successfully exported Data to the destination' . And the change that i make is not reflected.

Shouldn't the User Exit program be triggerred after the data is saved?

Is there a way where I can trigger the User Exit Program after saving the record.