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Jun 17, 2009 at 10:12 PM

Error activating data in ODS with two datasources - SID issue


Hi All,

We have an ODS that updates a cube. For the ODS called ZRT_O35D, there are two sets of update rules. One set is from the 2lis_03_bf datasource, the other set are from itself (ie: 8ZRT_O35D). The ODS gets updated with BF, then with 8ZRT_O35D. The 8ZRT_O35D set of update rules updates both the ODS and the cube directly. Then after this occurs, the BF request, and the 8ZRT_O35D are pushed to the cube. This does not result in duplicate data because we are using the 8ZRT_O35D to obtain some charateristics only, no updates for key figures.

My issue is when I update, I cannot activate the requests in the ODS because its telling me the SID is smaller than what's in the cube already.

For example, the requests in my ODS are:

138300 2LIS_03_BF TR DELTA

138299 Delta for Update by ODS ZRT_O35D w/PSA

Requests in my cube are:

138299 Delta for Update by ODS ZRT_O35D w/PSA

138281 Delta Package for Update by ODS ZRT_O35D

When I try to activate 138299 I get the message:

Request REQU_4E5GY88YDBT19W1UXXYGWGNKE (138,281) for DataSource 8ZRT_O35D from source system WWQ100 has the status (green) and a smaller SID (is thus older) than the request that you currently want to update into the ODS object.

I tried changing the design a bit so that the 8ZRT_O35D update rules update the ODS only, not the cube. Then BF would be loaded. Then both requests activated and pushed to the cube. This didn't work either. I was getting the same SID issue.

Note, we are on version 3.5.

Any suggestions?