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Jun 17, 2009 at 06:57 PM

Posting Periods SAP Business One


To whom may concern...

Hello everyone,

I have a concern with the posting periods, I have this client that all the time the posting periods has been created by month (12 different periods), today by mistake they create the new period by year of 2009- 2010.

She told me that they do not have any transaction (in the new period) and when she try to remove it, says that to remove it completely should be with a end of period. Before doing this I want to be sure, if they keep this year with a posting period by year, could affect anything in the accounts.?

If do not affect anything, they will keep the posting by year and next year they will create the posting by month, like the other years.

I know that if I use month periods i can deactivate a period if i don't want transactions. There is anything else that I should know?

Thanks for the help....

Hope you understand what I try to say.