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Jun 17, 2009 at 04:11 PM

SAP BW SEM-BPS Variables


Hi All,

We are upgrading SAP BW SEM-BPS system from 2.0B to 6.O, in this process i need to collect some information as like below from tables,

like BPS Variables----- UPC_VAR ,

planning sequence----- UPC_PROFILE_BU

planning folder(Web)---- BPS_WB

planning folder(GUI)---UPSPM

BPS variable exit--UPC_VAR_EXIT

respectively, but these tables like UPC_VAR,UPC_PROFILE_BU etc are NOT there in my system ( SAP BW SEM-BPS 2.0B), So can anyone please suggest me alternative table name OR tell me where can I get aobve information like (BPS Variables, Planning Sequence etcc. ).

Thank you,