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Jun 17, 2009 at 04:09 PM

Processing of rent agreements


Hi Friends,

We can deal rent agreements thru Invoicing plan.

Can you suggest what are the functionality available with this. What are all requirements can be mapped thru this ?

Can be these incorporated:

1,It is a practice that whenever a new lease is entered, we pay advance rental in addition to Security Deposit which is adjusted during the course of rent payment. Hence the system should factor & indicate the completion of advance rental,( e.g.: if three months advance rental is paid for particular lease agreement say from Apr-Jun, while processing Rent for Jul09, the system should automatically calculate the rent for the subsequent months & should provide the adjustment based on the clause given for the same)

2. Rent availing persons have the option to do swapping of House to another, hence there will be change in GL Code/Cost Centre on case to case basis.


Sai Krishna