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Jun 17, 2009 at 02:51 PM

Paramter with allow multiple values


In Crystal 2008 Design, I have a Parameter Field called parmeter_country_name and Allow Multiple Values is True. I want to pass multiple values into the Where clause of the underneath query. I have the following line in the Where clause of the underneath query:

(rtrim(country_name) in ({?parmeter_country_name}) or 'DoNotSetFilter' in ({?parmeter_country_name }))

Now itu2019s ok if I pass in a single value into the parmeter_country_name, but if the multiple values are passed into the parmeter_country_name, I got an error saying u201CMissing right parenthesisu201D.

Can anyone let me know what I missed? For example, I want to enter US and Canada for the parameter parmeter_country_name, and I need to get US and Canada passed into the Where clause as stated above (I donu2019t really need to display the country name in the report). Did I miss any steps in order to allow multiple values for a parameter? Do I need to use Formula Fields with Array? Iu2019m new to Crystal, please explain it in detail.