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Jun 17, 2009 at 11:16 AM

MDMP 46C Combined UC/UPG, vocabulary assignment required pre-upgrade?


I have a question about SPUM4 when doing an Combined UC&UPG on a 46c system.

As per the manual you have to run all the scans to complete SPUM4 in Prepare before starting the upgrade.

But do you have to perform the language assignment of the vocabulary list before the upgrade?

Is it possible to do this using SPUMG after the upgrade?

Basically I am being pushed for time and the project team is not ready to do the language assignments during Prepare. So it would be easier for me if I could do the scans and collate all the information required then perform the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, then allow the upgrade team to assign the languages post upgrade using the SPUMG transaction.

I am right in thinking that the vocabulary list has to be completely processed before conversion, this is because the words will use the global fallback which may not be right?