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Former Member
Jun 17, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Requisition workflow,



Can anyone please provide me with any help regarding agent assignment for the requisition workflow?

We have a created a separate requisition org unit to be used with the workflow and this works fine. We have 3 people who raise requisitions and 6 authorisers.

The issue is when one of the requisitioners needs a requisition to be approved the workitem is being sent to the 6 authorisers AND her superior which is linked from the HR org unit.

Can anyone please help me understand why the workitem is being sent to the superior from the HR org unit? When there is no link with the user in the requisition workflow, and whether this is a workflow issue or an org unit issue

The rule I am using is the standard 168 find superior user of and the task is set to general task

Kind regards