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Former Member
Jun 17, 2009 at 10:34 AM

Sub contract order GRN


Dear All

This is a sub-contract order. A/c assignment is F and item category is L. Production order exists.

When i do GRN, the system throws error that " GOODS RECEIPT for PURCH. order(108U....) IS NOT ALLOWED FOR W.O.C89000237.

The current status of object 'Prod. order nu. XXXXXX' prohibits business transaction 'Goods receipts for pur.order'. You first have to change the status of the object 'Prod ord C89......' to allow transaction 'Goods receipt for PO'

Kindly throw some light where in Production Order, this prohibits GR not allowed for PO?

I have checked the material is allowed for both procurement and Material type OMS2 for External procurement the value 02 is given which allows external proc. but with warning.