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Jun 17, 2009 at 10:29 AM

Perform and form params, here's a thing i don't understand


Hi all experts,

a simple & dumb doubt I'd like to clarify about parameters in a form, if anybody can help 😊

Here's the declarative part of my sample code:

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_loghier,
            otype TYPE otype,
            objid TYPE hrobjid,
            stext TYPE stext,
           END OF ty_loghier.
    TYPES: tbl_ty_loghier TYPE TABLE OF ty_loghier.
    DATA: loghier TYPE tbl_ty_loghier WITH HEADER LINE.

The FILTER form that follows should operate on the previously declared internal table, as follows:

PERFORM filter CHANGING loghier[].

I declared the form as follows:

FORM filter CHANGING itab TYPE tbl_ty_loghier.

but the syntax checker tells me that "TABLE- expected, not tbl_".

I don't understand why, and also, I'd like to declare the form such that the itab used in the form is meant to be an internal table with header line. Seems quite a simple question but... I'm wasting a lot of time :P