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Jun 17, 2009 at 09:41 AM

Pricing Condition Category L - How does this work


In the copy control from a normal delivery document to a normal invoice, in the setting for the normal item category (e.g. TAN), we have defined the pricing type as G (Copy pricing elements unchanged and determine taxes). This should, in principal, mean that the prices copied from the sales order to the billing document should 'not' be re-determined, unless for taxes (e.g. MWST). In this case 'manual' prices are copied over to the billing document unchanged.

This feature works correctly in most cases, but recently we have noticed that for pricing condition types with "condition category" defined as L (Generally new when copying) that prices are "re-determined" in the billing document despite the fact that the pricing type is defined as 'G' in the copy control.

The result is that for all condition types with condition category defined as 'L', the manual conditions are erased when prices are copied from the sales order to the billing document, raising quite a few problems..

My questions are: 1 - whether this is a normal behaviour of SAP?? 2 - In your experience, in what instances, do you set the pricing condition category to 'L'??

Your help is much appreciated!!