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Jun 17, 2009 at 09:03 AM

Does TLB consider STRs created by PPDS Heuristic run ?


We have modelled a VMI Scenario. In the standard scenario the STRs (Distribution receipts planned) are created at customer location through SNP heuristic run Then deployment creates the confirmed STRs (confirmed distribution receipts) and then these confirmed STRs can be used by TLB.

In our scenario we dont want to use Deployment. So we have made the STR (distribution receipts planned) directly available to TLB.. ( referring SAP note).

I have created some STRs(distribution receipts planned) directly in SNP planning book and some by running a PPDS heuristic. The STRs created by PPDs run are visible in the SNP planning book key figure (Distribution receipt planned)

Now in TLB i can see all the STRs created by SNP but TLB does not show me the STRs created by PPDs heurstic run. Is this a standard behaviour ? How can i make TLB use the STRs created by PPDs heuristic run.

Any inputs on this would be appreciated.