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Jun 17, 2009 at 08:10 AM

KF disaggregation/calculation type "A" - new CVCs



Do you have any experience with key figure disaggregation for calculation type "A"? As you might know, using this disaggregation values are copied to the lower levels. That is ok, until you have a new combination created in your hierarchy, where this KF will be empty (as a default). Once the new combination created the KF value on higher (aggregted) levels are already recalculated (average from one level below) and therefore these are not correct.

I was wondering if there is a std or easy way "forcing" a new disaggregation (in release 4.1) without changing the existing values so the new combinations will "inherit" their parent's value.


Product group

A KF value : 100

/ \


Product KF values : 100 - 100

Now, you have a new product created for product group A. Product D's KF value will be zero, therefore the KF value on the Product Group level will be 66,6666..

The new combinations are also created manually by planners but mostly generated by background jobs during the night. I am searching for a solution whereby newly created combinations will "immediately" get their parents "old" KF value (100 instead of 66,666).

Any idea would be helpful.