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Jun 17, 2009 at 07:11 AM

Customers, Sales Orders Restrictions based on Sales Office and Sales Groups


hi all,

We have a typical scenario for one of our customers. They are SAP ERP, ECC 6.0.

They have sales employees/managers assigned to customers. In order to maintain the link between the sales employees and the customers, their earlier implementation partner followed the following method for the linkage.

Each sales employee and each sales managers are given a SAP User ID like 101, 012, 103 etc.. Sales groups OR Sales offices are also maintained with the same numbers/IDs. At the customer master level, each customer's sales group is given the sales employee ID (which is same as that of the sales group). The example is as follows.

Customer No. Sales Group Sales Office


CU1 101 108

CU2 101 108

CU3 102 108

CU4 103 109

CU5 104 110

The sales group names and the sales offices names are given the same names as that of the user IDs of the sales employees/sales managers. In the above example, the sales employee 101 (sales group 101) is assigned to customers CU1, CU2. The sales manager 108 (Sales office 108) is managing the sales employees 101 and 102.

Now the customer has some authorization issues. He wants us to provide authorizatinos in such a way that -

if the sales employee 101 logs on to the system he should be able to Display the CUSTOMERS and the Sales Orders (XD03, VD03, VA03) that are assinged only to him (In other words with the sales group 101) and similarly for other sales employees.

if the sales manager 108 logs on to the system he should be able to display the customers and the sales orders that are assigned to his sales employees (101, 102). In other words with the sales office as the manager's ID 108.

I tried to use the authorization object V_VBKA_VKO but this doesnt see to be serving the purpose as this object is not being checked at all in any of the above VA03, XD03 and VD03 transactions.

Similarly I did not find any other authorization object which makes use of Sales group field and Sales office field which also has a linkage to VA03, XD03 and VD03 transactions.

The customer is evaluating our contract with them based on this solution. 😔

Any help is greatly and highly appreciate.