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Jun 17, 2009 at 02:39 AM

Legacy data AS91


Please explain the following:

When doing asset conversion, we bring in the legacy asset via AS91. The legacy data we bring in is Accumulated depreciation and APC values. Also do we create two conversion G/L accounts for accu depreciation and APC values when doing AS91. Are these accounts supposed to be recon asset accounts? Is this all we bring in for legacy assets?

Next question, we then upload G/L balances for various accumulated depreciation accounts and apc value assets. Then reconcile asset accounting to g/l via ABST2. Is my understanding correct. After reconcilaition, we change the accounts to recon accounts. Please let me know if this is what asset conversion is all about.

One last question, is it only during initial implementation of assets we reconcile ABST2, and then dont do it again as year end process?