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Jun 17, 2009 at 12:34 AM

Delta INIT Issue


Hi Experts,

We have a big issue in our system. we are in BI 7.0. When we deleted some unwanted Requests in the system for reloading from SETUP tables. As part of this process, we wanted to reinitialize the DELTA INIT. Hence, we removed a couple of requests and then when we tried to delete the DELTA Init request, it removed all the other requests in the CUBE. We never imagined this situation. I know that if we remove one request, all the requests loaded later will be deleted. But, we did not think of this DELTA Init.

How Can i avoid this situation in the future. What I believe the reason for this is, we did the DELTA INIT in the system before all Full loads.

Now My questions are ,

1. How to remove DELTA INIT with out impacting other requests in the CUBE or ODS? What is the best way of loading in terms of

2. Is the Delta INIT pointer need to be set immediately after SETUP load?

3. If Delta INIT is done after FULL LOAD requests loaded, would there be any issue in terms of pulling the delta?. Is the delta pointer getting set in the extraction queue or Delta Queue?

Pl. provide your expert comments..