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Jun 17, 2009 at 12:15 AM

Restrict table maintenance for a Z Table in SM30 in Test systems



I have 2 Z tables ZTAB1 & ZTAB2 which has table maintenance created. Both tables should be non modifiable in Test systems but should be able to make entries in DEV system.

This means any entry that needs to be present in PROD or TEST systems for these tables should be moved through transports from DEV only.

The Tables are defined as follows:

The Delivery Class in Both Tables is 'C' and both table. In the table maintenance screen, the authorization group for ZTAB1 is ZT1 & for ZTAB2 is ZT2. The Authorization object is S_TABU_DIS for Both tables.

ZTAB1 has 2 screens for maintenance and ZTAB2 has 1 screen for maintenance.

The recording routine is "Standard recording routine" for both tables.

The Problem is as follows:

In TEST system, In SM30 for table ZTAB2, when I click Maintain I get an error message "Client XXX status is 'not modifiable' " which is correct. That means we cannot modify the entries for this table in TEST system.

However for table ZTAB1, I am able to change the table entries through SM30.

Could anyone suggest how to restrict for making entries in table ZTAB1 in SM30.

I debugged SM30 for both tables & found that the SM30 program checks for an entry in OBJH table with the table name as OBJECTNAME and if the OBJCATEGORY in OBJH is equals 'CUST', it throws error message "Client XXX status is 'not modifiable' ".

For the problematic table ZTAB1, the OBJH entry has 'APPL' and that is why we dont get the error message and the table entries are editable in SM30.

(The transaction SOBJ can be used to changes OBJH entries. I haven't used this before. Not sure if I can use it to correct the problem.)

Can anybody tell me how this OBJH gets populated when we create a Z table?

Could anyone suggest how to restrict for making entries in table ZTAB1 in SM30.