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Jun 16, 2009 at 08:30 PM

RE: Error when processing the Request


Hi Guys,

When i am processing a transaction in XI,when i am sending the XML from RWB-- ->Integration Engine -- >Test message. the message is successfully processing and it is showing that "Message sent". when i have seen this in SXMB_MONI --->Monitor for processed XML Messages,here i have seen the chequred flag saying that "Message processed successfully".but on the outbound process i have not found the chequred flag.when i have seen this in the versions of message monitoring(Message content and message display) there undere message display , i have found the below error.

What happened?

Template "templates/webgui/dm/generator.html" contains syntax errors and

therefore could not be compiled.

Cause of error:Include "templates/webgui/dm/gui_0.html" not available.

The syntax error is in row: 37, column: 88

The incorrect HTMLB line is:

"include(~name="gui_theme.html", ~theme="dm", ~service="webgui",


What can you do?

Call transaction SE80 and correct the syntax errors.

In SE80 choose 'Internet Service' and navigate to the relevant template.

To find out the service, theme and template name, follow the path to

the erroneous template:


Remember to publish the corrected template on the site 'INTERNAL'so that

the change is activated.

i have done same thing which above mentioned,but i have not found anything? is there problem in the html or something else? how i want to see that html file please explain? is anyone faced this kind of problem earlier?

please help me to sort out this issue


Amarnath Reddy