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Jun 16, 2009 at 02:23 PM

Consuming Webservice from a different network


Hi All,


We have a SAP system and .Net application which are running on different networks. As of now, the data generated in SAP system is manually entered in the .Net application and viceversa (updation of data to SAP from the .Net application also happens manually).

Now we want to automate this process using webservices. For that, we have created a Webservice from SAP ES workplace using ABAP and created a WSDL file of the service.

Now our doubt is, how the .Net application which in different network, will be able access this webservice.

What are the required steps to consume this webservice from the SAP system. Is asynchronous data transimission possible between the two systems.Is our approach of using webservice correct here ?

Kindly suggest with your inputs on the possible solution for our scenario.