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Jun 16, 2009 at 12:46 PM

Errors with SAP GUI 7.10 issues with IE 7.0? and most curr patches?


We are attempting to patch our SAP GUI 7.0 with the most recent GUI patches

GUI patch 12

BW patch 500

BI patch 900

we are applying these patches to correct the following

>preview and printing of blank pages with web browser(ie 6.0)

>german lang. toolbar appearing

>missing active components when using analyzer (BW 3x)

>BI rspc error 'x dump'

these issues above have been corrected, however we are now having issues with this GUI and IE 7.0 , printing errors

As anyone had these same issues above, and could you recommend on what patch combination (if any) have corrected them

We have worked on this project for the last few months, to get the correct combination of patches that would not break anything else installed. But, now we are finding that we may have issues with IE 7,0 and the SAP GUI with the above patches.

Please advise