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Jun 16, 2009 at 12:43 PM

CrossTab - Calulated Member - Using partial Row Name - Crystal 2008 Basic



I want to add two columns in a calculated member.

The rows have two levels, then column by month.

Row Level 0 = Master GL Account (i.e. 410000)

Row Level 1 = GL Account name

(i.e. 410100-10-10-Domestoc Sales Revenue

410200-10-10-Overseas Sales Revenue


My data comes from a stored procedure.

I want to SUM two or more, non-consecutive, selected rows (GL Account Name).

My problem is rather then find the grid value, of each row, using the full GL Account Name(see above "410100-10-10-Domestoc Sales Revenue") I want to find the row by the LEFT 6 characters (i.e. 410100 ONLY, it is unique) this is because the GL Account Name changes, after the first six characters, depending of selection criteria.

I could use:

GridValueAt (currentRowIndex-?,currentCloumnIndex,CurrentSummaryIndex)

where? = number of row too offset.

But, over time there will be GL Account Names added to the report and the report would fail when one new account was added.

Is there a way to write the GridValueAt using a statement that looks at only the LEFT 6 characters?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,