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Jun 16, 2009 at 12:30 PM

Problem 1 : Four ALV Grids in a Single Report


SDN Experts..

I need a help from you.

I developed a new report. On execution, it shows four ALV's, of which first, second and fourth are ALV grids, and the third one is ALV tree control.

I am using OOPS concept. ie, placing custom control on the screen, and creating container object and so on. So i have 4 custom controls placed one after other below.

In the selection screen of the report, i am giving the user to choose, which ALV he want to display, in the form of check boxes. So in this case, there are four chk boxes, and if he choose all the four, all four ALV's will be displayed in the single screen.

But, if the user checks only the fourth ALV grid, and execute the report, he will see nothing on the screen, since the fourth ALV grid is placed at the bottom, and he needs to scroll down to see that report.


How can i manage this?

Based on the user's selection, i need to show the ALV grids one by one from the TOP of the output screen.


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