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Jun 16, 2009 at 12:12 PM

Delta from ODS to cube/ODS red


My problem:

this morning an infopackage loading from ODS took a long time. The status of loading was yellow.

From sm66 trans. I killed the processes and from sm58 I force the Idoc post with "execute luw".

Now the 3 data target (1 cube and 2 ODS) have the data required, I changed the QM status of the request into data target, but when I open the infopackage I obtain the error "Delta request REQU_20F1UHOI0CXZ4IZUXBCMQVZMV is incorrect in the monitor. A repeat needs to be requested".

Do I have to set the QM status to green in the monitor of infopackage?

This message appear when I click on the staus button:

"If you set a 'red' delta upload to green,with the next request, BW sends a delta request,to the source system and this delivers the next delta data. The data from the 'red' delta load is then no longer available(even with a repeat). This can lead to loss of data. Do you want to execute a QM Action?"

Thanks in advance