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Jun 16, 2009 at 11:46 AM

Solution for applying a batch input through dynamic actions


Hi Gurus,

I'm working in a batch input in PA30, where I need to fill in some static infotypes, but also some new infotypes which are created through dynamic actions. The problem is, like most of you know, dynamic actions are not executed in batch input mode.

The interfase we are implementing has the goal of making automatic all this process, so we have different options:

1) Replicate dynamic actions code in ABAP: do checks, and then we will know which infotypes we have to create. This one is the SAP recommended option, but it's the worst for us, because our coustomer has more than 3500 lines of dynamic actions, and this work will imply more than 3 weeks of code replication. Moreover, every change in dynamic actions has to be done also in this ABAP code.

2)Modify SAP standard. The report MPPERS00 have the logic of dynamic actions. Inside the form end_of_screen there is the the barrier which doesn't allow to execute dynamic actions in batch input. If we comment this line, we think we can jump over this problem.


IF sy-binpt EQ space. -

>from here dynamic actions are executing.


But we don't know certainly if this will work or not, because maybe there are more checks that we haven't seen.

3) Calling directly to SAP standard functions that manage the execution of dynamic actions. I found an example of how to do it in this forum, but no one told if it was a good solution or not. The post was:

Here is the references:

1. the logic that retrieve and trigger the dynamic action was written in the include MPPERS00.

2. In this include, check the subroutine "end_of_screen" and "dyn_measure". try debug here:)

3. remember to perform "process_measure(sapfp50m)" after you had retrieve the dynamic measures.



PERFORM dyn_measure(MP000100).

IF dynmeas[] IS NOT INITIAL.

PERFORM process_measure(sapfp50m).


RAISE no_dynamic_action_retrieved.


This custom function module should only execute after the IT0001 was successfully updated.


Which option do you recommend me? Is there another option we can do?

It's not a simple question, so i will appreciate so much all the help you can give me. I know also it is a question i should post in ABAP forum, but i also need someone who can know so much this module. It's a very concrete problem.

Thanks to everybody in advance,