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Jun 16, 2009 at 08:32 AM

Add Internal leaf in Taxonomy Mode


Hi All,

I am working on CRM-MDM Integration in which i am sending Remote Key of categories with main table record. It works fine when this Remote key of category belongs to leaf nodes but when this is Root node i get error Some records failed to import as it is not possible to import data for root node of category. So to map this source value of Remote key of root node with target root node i make use of Add Internal Leaf which can be created in MDM Data Manager, but when i do source mapping with this category created using Add Internal Leaf in import manager it show me error Record Not Mapable.

Interestingly In MDM Data Manager, if my Parent category has Remote Key so using this option Add Internal Leaf when same name new category created within square brackets just below this Parent Category it does not contain its Parent Remote Key when check with Edit Key Mapping Property nor it allows me to put there Remote key for this same name newly created category within square brackets it shows me there Record Not Mapable error. So as such i have to add this Add internal leaf category within square brackets in main table for each record manually if this record belongs to Root node of category which will take lot of time if there are huge number of records. I want this to be Automatically imported using Import Manager/Import Server if Remote Key of category even comes for Parent Category. so here my question this Root node of category with maintable record should take care by MDM or CRM Guys. if MDM how it can be done automatic import of records for root node also with the help of Add internal leaf. Please let me know if i am doing something wrong !


Mandeep Saini