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Jun 16, 2009 at 07:39 AM

how to create a file



can somebody give some idea how to do this task.

i want just the how to start to do this task.

please somebody help me..

3. Evaluation of Solution

3.1. Functional Aspects

Create a new program which create a file with data below :

- storage location (MARD-LGPBE) for plant EN60 et storage EN61.

- Logistic reference (material number u2013 MARA-MATNR)

- Commercial reference (MARA-NORMT)

- Industrial reference (EINA-IDNLF) this reference must be take on the FIA with Vendor's account number = 170843 (EINA-LIFNR) and purchasing organization = AL60 (EINE-EKORG).

- Logistic reference description.

- Level logistic form (x line by material) (MARM-MEINH)

- Number of pieces of logistic form (MARM-UMREZ)

- EAN13 (MARA-EAN11)

- EAN14 (MARA-EAN11) for the other logistics that PCE

- Quality control code (MARC-INSMK)

Material scope : All material of MGA CDI, except those marked for deletion.

A selection screen will be necessary.

This file will be send in a new BAL Logos, everyday.

3.2. Technical Solution

Create a new program which create a file of material data.

25/05/2009 : add a new field (level logistic form) in the selection screen .

16/06/2009 : modify output file name.

3.3. Technical detailed elements

3.3.1. Selection screen

Selection screen :

- material range (it will be used for testing and punctual needs)

- the supplier (170843) used for the detection of the FIA.

- Level logistic form

- Plant

- Purchasing organization

- Deletion code MARA

- Deletion code MARC.

3.3.2. File(s)

File format : text file format ascii with separator « ; »

The file will be send in a new BAL Logos.

So necessary to create a new logical file.

Transaction FILE. :

The logical file will be the name : Z03_ARTLOGOS

Physical file : sapout/ file name.txt

Data format : ASC

Applicat area : MM

Logical path : Z00_SAPNAE


File name : ARTLOGOS.txt

4. Features

4.1. Applications Concerned


4.2. Context of running

Create a variant of program :

Material range : empty

supplier = 170843,

level logistic form <> UUC.

plant = EN60,

purchasing organization = AL60

deletion code mara <> u2018Xu2019.

deletion code marc <> u2018Xu2019.