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Visa Credit Card transaction is not updated in SAP.

When running the credit card upload transaction PRCC_VCF4 there is a transaction that is in error because the expense type has not been defined. This transaction used to write to the error table PTRV_CCC where we were able to change the transaction key to a valid key and reload.

When running the transaction in test mode this transaction is displayed as an error, as expected. However, when the transaction is run in production mode the error record is not written to the error table and we are unable to make the necessary correction to allow the transaction to be loaded.

I have checked existing OSS Notes and implemented a note (2313027 and 2309302) that I hoped would address the issue but it made no difference.

In debugging the code I've found that when the subroutine CREATE_CARD_TRANSACTION using .... changing ... pv_error that the value of pv_error is blank if program is run in test mode and 'X' if the program is run in production mode.

Table PTRV_CCC is populated with the error records in the subroutine CREATE_ERROR_RECEIPT in the function module HR_TRV_CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION. The trouble is that this subroutine is only called if the value of pv_error is blank.

I'm not sure how we ever get errors written to the error table given this logic and I would appreciate any assistance from anybody currently using the program. We upgraded our support packs in April and I suspect the issue has been occuring since then. We don't have version management switched on so unable to compare the previous version of the program.

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