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Jun 15, 2009 at 04:16 PM

Push from ODS to cube taking a long time


Hi All,

I've created a new ODS that pushes data to a new cube. I am trying to load 3000 records and its taking over 30 minutes, and I can never get it to complete successfully. When I look in sm50, there is nothing running. The are no short dumps in st22. But when I look in sm21 I get the following:

Documentation for system log message R6 8 :

An error has causes an SAP rollback. All database updates are reset.

Technical details

File................ 009581

Position............ 0000072900

Entry type.......... m ( Error (Function,Module,Row) )

Message ID.......... R6 8

Variable parts...... ThIRollroll bathxxhead1248

My update rules between the ODS and cube are very straightforward. All fields are a direct mapping to the ODS, no routines. I have a start routine, but when I comment out the entire start routine and run the update between ODS and cube, I still get the same issue. We are on version 3.5.

Any suggestions?