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Jun 15, 2009 at 02:38 PM

Error in Spam / saint update TP_STEP_FAILURE and DDIC_ACTIVATION


Dear All,

While updating spam/ saint update I am facing this error

Details of Error:

The installation was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase

DDIC_ACTIVATION, which the Add-On Installation Tool is unable to resolve

without your input.

After you have corrected the cause of the error, continue with the

import by choosing Continue in the queue display.

The following details help you to analyze the problem:

- Error in phase: DDIC_ACTIVATION

- Reason for error: TP_STEP_FAILURE

- Return code: 0008

- Error message: tp step A, return code


Notes on phase DDIC_ACTIVATION

In this phase the system activates the imported Data Dictionary objects.

This phase may terminate for several reasons:

o TP_INTERFACE_FAILURE: The system was unable to call the tp


o TP_FAILURE: The system was unable to execute the tp program. For

more information, see the SLOG or ALOG log file.

o TP_STEP_FAILURE: The system was unable to perform the tp step DDIC

activation successfully. To see the cause of the problem in the

activation log, choose Logs.

If you import two or more OCS packages in one installation queue,

and activate the Data Dictionary objects in the incorrect sequence,

this can cause errors. In this case, the activation errors disappear

if you repeat the activation run. To do this, choose Continue.

The Add-On Installation Tool requires that the Change and Transport

System (CTS) be configured correctly. For more detailed information,

read the online documentation available from Help -> SAP Library ->

mySAP Technology Components -> SAP Web Application Server -> BC Change

and Transport System .

A list of the most important SAP Notes for Online Correction Support

(OCS) is available in SAP Note 97620, which is updated regularly.

Please help me