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Jun 15, 2009 at 01:44 PM

Dunning letter - email/pdf problem


I want to email a dunning letter to a customer.

I have executed a dunning run.

I go back to the Recommendation report for the dunning run - when I highlight the row under the customer name and click print preview I can see a preview of the dunning letter I want to email.

When I click the 'Email' button and click 'Yes' to attach an edited report I thought that would attach the letter to an email as a PDF? (I have send E-Mail via Microsoft Outlook' selected)

But when I check my Outlook sent box the email has been sent but there is no attachment of the dunning letter - it's just an empty email?

I tried again and examined the 'Send message' box that appears when I click the 'Email..' button.

The data tab shows the dunning run listed but the Attachments tab has nothing listed.

Should the file be listed here if it had correctly attached?

Incidentally when I click the PDF button this just brings up the same print preview instead of making a PDF of the letter - is this significant i.e is the PDF function not working hence the 'attach edited report' function also cannot work?

I'd be grateful for advice on emailing dunning letters correctly