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Jun 15, 2009 at 01:13 PM

Balance qty field in PO


As per the requirement we have to give first PO to the Vendor. Then after the confirmation from the vendor we create another PO that perfectly matches the qty aggreed by the vendor.

Now as per requirement we want the balance due as per follw. req. in PO output format.

Case 1

First PO to Vendor u2013 100

Vendor agrees to deliver u2013 100

New PO will have the Quantity as u2018100u2019(to match the Vendor agreed quantity) and Balance due as u2018100u2019 ( to mention the first PO is still open with 100 u2013 so that once GR is done u2013 he can make the first PO quantity to u20180u2019 )


First PO to Vendor u2013 150

Vendor agrees to deliver u2013 50

New PO to match the Vendor order confirmation u2013 Quantity = u201850u2019 and Balance Due as u2018150u2019 ( so that when GR is done for u201850u2019 , current PO will be completely closed and Old PO will have still 100 open which will be specified in the next PO as Balance)

How to sartisfy this req.