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Jun 15, 2009 at 11:59 AM

0015 info type BDC upload program work normal for one and slow for other?


Hi... Experts

We have created custom BDC tp update infotype 0015 for our employees. It use to work normal initial. recently , We observed for the HR Team who use to upload this is working / update happening very slow. To isolate this , we have given that BDC authorization to another user, for that user it works fine,

For Example

For HR User (HRUSER1) currently file contains 130 records will take 1200 seconds

For New user (HRNEWUSER1) same will will take only 45 seconds to complete.

What could be the reason??

Authroizations are same even we tried SAP_ALL for user who is getting problem,

Any HR specific parameters variants got stored / freezed and many be leading to this issue.

please do let us know if any ides u have to fix it.