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Former Member
Jun 15, 2009 at 10:42 AM

Internal Addresses - BP Address for Org Unit representing a Company Code


Dear All

We are on SRM Server 5.5 and are experiencing an annoying issue. It might be standard, but I do not recall having the problem earlier on, at other customers.

The internal address of BP ## representing a company code, automatically gets Name1 filled out with the Object Name in the Org structure (Typically Company name).

This is ok, but what we see is that Name 2 is also filled out with this name. This gives us an issue when printing the PO in the backend system (classic scenario) as the PO will have both Name1 and Name2 printed as delivery address.

We have tried to change the address in BP, which works ok - until someone makes a change in the org structure, then the BP address is updated again!

Can anyone enlighten me whether this is standard functionality or what? And if is there anyway of mitigating this behavior?

Best Regards, and thanks in advance