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Former Member
Jun 15, 2009 at 10:41 AM

long text in bapi



I am trying to save a long text for material. to do this, I have to fill a table of type bapi_mltx.

If I insert one line all works correctluy, but if I try to insert more than one line, other lines are ignored and I can see only the first seem to be read. This is my code.

it_mltx-langu = lang.
  it_mltx-langu_iso = iso_lang.

  " insert first line
  it_mltx-text_line = line1.
  it_mltx-format_col = '*'.
  APPEND it_mltx.

  " insert second line
  it_mltx-text_line = line2.
  it_mltx-format_col = '='.
  APPEND it_mltx.

I follow a precedent hint adding the format_col field with '*' for first line and '=' for following, but it does not work. Can anybody help me please?