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Jun 15, 2009 at 08:35 AM

DTW. ItemGroups. Link between fields in template and in groups.



I tried to import through DTW ItemGroups to a base. But encounered a problem with linking fields in Group to fields in DTW-template. I've found the appropriate accounts for most of fields(I suppose), but I can't link five of them. What will be the fields in DTW-template where I should put the values of accounts of group? They are empty in scheme (with interrogative sigh).

Here are my scheme of linking:

Group DTW

Allocation Account - ???

Cost of Goods Sold Account CostAccount

Exchange Rate Differences Account ExchangeRateDifferencesAccount

Expense Account ExpensesAccount

Expense Account - Foreign ExpensesAccount

G/L Decrease Account DecreaseGLAccount

G/L Increase Account IncreaseGLAccount

Price Difference Account PriceDifferencesAccount

Purchase Credit Account PurchaseCreditAcc

Revenue Account RevenuesAccount

Revenue Account - EU RevenuesAccount

Revenue Account - Foreign RevenuesAccount

Sales Credit Account RevenuesAccount

Sales Returns Account InventoryAccount

Shipped Goods Account ShippedGoodsAccount

Stock Account InventoryAccount

Stock Offset - Decrease Account - ???

Stock Offset - Increase Account - ???

Variance Account VarianceAccount

VAT in Revenue Account VATInRevenueAccount

WIP Stock Account - ???

WIP Stock Variance Account - ???

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