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Jun 15, 2009 at 07:46 AM

Improving performance while adding groups



I've been monitoring my crystal reports from a week or so and the report performance is going for a toss. I would like to narrate this in little detail. I have created 3 groups to select dynamic parameters and each group has a formula for itself. In my parameters I have added one parameter with 7 entities (which is hard coded), now a user can select any 3 entity out of those seven when initiallly refreshing the document, each of the parameter entity is bundeled in a conditional formula (mentioned under formula fields) for each entity. The user may select any entity and may get the respective data for that entity.

For all this i have created 3 groups and same formula is pasted under all the 3 groups. I have then made the formula group to be selected under Group expert. The report works fine and yields me correct data. However, during the grouping of the formula's crystal selects all the database tables from the database field as these tables are mentioned under the group formula. Agreed all fine.

But when I run the report the "Show SQL query" selects all the database tables under Select clause which should not be the case. Due to this even if i have selected an entity which has got only 48 to 50 records, crystal tends to select all the 16,56,053 records from the database fields which is hampering the crystal performance big time. When I run the same query in SQL it retrives the data in just 8 seconds but as crystal selecting all the records gives me data after 90 seconds which is frustrating for the user.

Please suggest me a workaround for this. Please help.

Thank you.