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Jun 15, 2009 at 07:15 AM

update table after filling an adobe interactive form inside a workflow



I have the following workflow problem:

I made a webdynpro application that incudes an adobe interactive form. An user fill this form. After filling the form he will press the submit button. The data will be introduced in the custom table and a workflow will be started.

Inside the workflow, I attached the form filled by the user. After attaching it I introduce a user decision step in order to see the content of the pdf attachment, modify it and send again. So, the person that will execute the workitem has to open that pdf and fill some additional fields. The information should be updated in the table and then send to other persons. I don't know how to update the table with the new values that are inserted in the form in that decisional step and send the updated form to the other users.

Thank you in advance !