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Jun 15, 2009 at 06:27 AM

Restricted Key Figure showing up Blank!!



I am working on a report where i need to use RKF for certain requirement. The scenario is as below:

The data in the cube is as below:

Employee WageType Amount

1 XYZ 100

1 ABC 1800

2 XYZ 50

2 ABC 2500

The report looks like below:

Employee WageType Amount Balance

1 XYZ 100 -

2 XYZ 50 -

Here employee & wage type are chars whereas amount is standard KF from cube and balance is RKF.

Balance is restricted on KF amount for wagetype ABC.

Now the problem is as the report has the char WageType in the rows, corresponding Balance would be always blank but we want to show balance corresponding to the employee. The report should look like:

Employee WageType Amount Balance

1 XYZ 100 1800

2 XYZ 50 2500

Is there any logical solution for the above.