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Former Member
Jun 12, 2009 at 08:34 PM

New, Before After Image Delta question


Hi All,

OUr consultant has rolled off and we are looking at the functionality of a delta extractor (ABR).

Everything looks good, we just don't understand the New Image.

Basically here is the scenerio. This will be based off 1 order and just 1 key figure field (qty)

Order is initially created and sent over to BW. This first time there is a new record sent over. After this before and after images are sent. Everything is working fine and we can see when changes happen the delta from the ODS to cube reads the change log and essentially past records zero out and latest after image is displayed in query output.

Our question is:

The first time a record comes over it has New image. After this it never does. Which we understand works great, but how does the extractor know it already sent a New Image? After this first initial time it only sends before and after. If days, weeks go by and then a second change to the order happens, how does the system know not to send a New image?