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Jun 12, 2009 at 04:26 PM

Add records to the physical table from Internal table



I am trying to insert the records from IT table to physical table. But, its not inserting. Please let me know how do I add the records to the table zebp_iv_cf_log.

  • I have used only few fields for example *

  • After looping I get about 800 records in it_non_ebp tab *

loop at non_ebp_inv.

it_non_ebp-zspgrv = non_ebp_inv-spgrv.

it_non_ebp-zspgrq = non_ebp_inv-spgrq.

it_non_ebp-zspgrs = non_ebp_inv-spgrs.

it_non_ebp-inv_ref_num = non_ebp_inv-xblnr.

it_non_ebp-zspgrc = non_ebp_inv-spgrc.

it_non_ebp-zlifnr = non_ebp_inv-lifnr.

append it_non_ebp.


insert zebp_iv_cf_log from table it_non_ebp[] accepting duplicate keys .

I also tried inserting one by one by putting insert syntex within a loop but, it takes keeps processing.

Shall appreciate the response.

Thks & Rgds,


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