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Jun 12, 2009 at 04:40 PM

modifying an instance of a crystal report and set it a filter from a profil


What we do:


We create publication and schedule them to user after doing a single pass bursting ( crystal report)

When a user login and access his report that has been filtered by his instance, he is able to look only at his data.

Notes that the crystal report has been filtered on the field Medical center.

Notes that this crystal report has 2 parameter one for the medical cetner and another one for the date range

Also when we ran the publication for all the users, we do set the parameter base on the medical cetner to the value ALL

The issue is that when this end user refresh the report then instead of getting data only for his medical center , then he is getting data for all the medical center.

As you can see the profile that has been created on the user doesn't kick in when refreshing an instance of a report coming out of a publication.

What we would like to achiave thru sdk:


We would like the end user to open this report and being able to refresh it only within the medical center he belongs to .

So when the user refresh ther port he should only see data for his medical center



1 - is is possible to achiove this thru sdk ? In 3,1

2 - how long would it takes ? ( range)

Thank you for your help again