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Former Member
Jun 12, 2009 at 03:16 PM

SM12 workitem locked by WF-BATCH


Hi WF experts,

I have created a custom workflow for invoice price block.I have a main workflow which will check the list of items and trigger new workflow for each invoice items.

This i have written in one of the methods in a bus2089. I have used the FM 'SWW_WI_START' to start workflow for each item.

Issue is :

For this particular workflow with the status "INPROCESS" are shown in the SM12 .

workitem are locked by WF-BATCH.Lock is removed only when the WF is completed.

We have many custom WF.This issue is happing only for this Invoice block price WF.

I tried used FM DEQUEUE_E_WORKITEM below the 'SWW_WI_START' , but still locked in SM12.

I have no idea whether the lock is because of this code or some config is missing.Can anyone please help.