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Jun 12, 2009 at 10:48 AM

Wrong Budget reporting in S_ALR_87013557/58


Hello All,

I am having a Capital Project. I have 2 levels of WBS. My top level settles to AUC and lower level settles to top level WBS.

I created a PO at 2nd level WBS for 1000$ and did the MIGO. So now my actuals on 2nd level and top level WBS is same i.e. 1000$. Now I settle from lower level to top level WBS and the result is same i.e.$1000 actuals on lower as well as top WBS. This is same in report S_ALR_87013557.

Now I settle from top WBS to AUC. After settlemnt I see the above report. Now what I see is lower level is having same $1000 on it but top level is having $2000 on it i.e. double of orignal.

Now finally I settle from AUC to Fixed Asset and the actuals on lower and top WBS in above report is again $1000, which i s OK.

My concern is during AUC stage. If somebody runs budget report in AUC stage of project, the top WBS is showing double actuals. Is this standard SAP? If yes, then how do we justify reporting during AUC stage, as it gives incorrect reporting on top WBS.



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